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Wilderness Health, Aid and Comfort Kit (WHACK)

MSRP: $376.46

If you can only have one first aid kit, this is it!  Portable, practical and packed with high-end emergency medical tools and supplies to treat everything from hangnails to chest wounds.

Assembled in the USA | Limited Warranty

Help stop the bleeding and treat critical emergency traumas with MPA’s WHACK!

The Wilderness Health, Aid and Comfort Kit, aka the WHACK, is a comprehensive kit that will allow you to treat most non-hospital emergencies and critical injuries.

It contains high-quality, medic-selected components like Aluminum Splints, Wound Cleaning Tools, Adhesive Bandages and other supplies to treat and control:

  • Critical Injuries
  • Trauma Wounds
  • Broken or Fractured Limbs
  • Blood Loss
  • Infection

This Wilderness Health, Aid, and Comfort Kit was developed by ER Physicians, Paramedics, Critical Care Flight Nurses, and Combat Medics to provide the equipment and supplies necessary to support someone with skills up to Wilderness First Responder.

A must-have for every first responder, parent & survivalist.

This complete kit is the best of the best.  It has absolutely everything you need to treat almost any medical emergency including exclusive components like:

  • CAT-7 CoTCCC Approved Tourniquet
  • Vented Chest Shields
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA).

The WHACK Classic Premium First Aid Kit is carefully organized for quick, ease of use and packed within a MOLLE-capable pouch for on-the-go portability.

Keep a kit in the office, at home, in your car and as part of your 72-Hour Emergency Kit.

**NOTE: We have stopped including a pressure bandage in the WHACK.  Instead, we are now including an additional compressed gauze and elastic bandage.  This comes from feedback from you, our customers, and our training staff.  Realistically you are more likely to need another elastic bandage and more gauze than a single-purposed, dedicated pressure bandage (which you can manufacture from the additional gauze and elastic bandage anyway).  We will still stock the OLAES, and you can certainly order them.


Item Length (in): 6.75
Item Width (in): 5.5
Item Height (in): 7.75
Item Weight (lbs): 5.25

Items Per Case: 6
Case Length (in): 24
Case Width (in): 14
Case Height (in): 10
Case Weight (lbs):
Cases per Level: 6
Levels per Pallet: 5
Cases per Pallet: 30
Items per Pallet: 180