Aluminum Splint

Essential for Splinting

An aluminum splint (also referred to as a SAM Splint) is an important item in any first aid kit. It is used to immobilize and protect injured bones and soft tissue. By keeping the affected area stable, splinting helps prevent further injury, reduce pain, and promote healing. Aluminum splints are lightweight, durable, and versatile, making them ideal for treating various injuries in emergency situations.

History of the Aluminum Splint

The aluminum splint, commonly known as the SAM Splint, was developed by Dr. Sam Scheinberg. As a trauma surgeon, Dr. Scheinberg realized the need for a better splinting solution. In the 1980s, he invented the SAM Splint, which became widely popular due to its effectiveness and ease of use. The SAM Splint is made from a thin aluminum alloy core sandwiched between closed-cell foam layers. This design allows the splint to be shaped and molded to fit different body parts while providing strong and reliable support.

How to Use and Cut the Splint

The aluminum splint can be easily shaped to fit the injured limb, providing customized support. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Shape the Splint: Mold the splint to fit the injured area. The splint can be bent into various shapes to support the injury properly.
  • Secure the Splint: Use bandages, tape, or other securing materials to hold the splint in place.
  • Check Circulation: Ensure the splint is not too tight and does not cut off blood flow.

Sometimes, you may need to cut the splint to the required size using trauma shears. However, to avoid causing additional injuries, it’s important to protect the sharp edges with tape. Simply cut the splint to the desired length and then cover the sharp edge with adhesive tape to ensure safety.

Training Videos

SAM Medical offers a variety of training videos on YouTube for those new to using aluminum splints or seeking to improve their skills. These videos provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on properly using and applying the SAM Splint in different scenarios. Here are some helpful training videos:

These videos cover a range of splinting techniques and provide valuable insights into effectively using the SAM Splint for various types of injuries. A solid understanding of how to apply an aluminum splint can make a significant difference in emergencies, ensuring proper care and stabilization of injuries until professional medical help is available.

Kits That Contain an Aluminum Splint