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We are always on the lookout for new (to us) and interesting people.  But you have to be interesting.  And have experience.  

Above all we look for people that are strong in loyalty, personality, accountability, and resiliency.  Some of our jobs are in interesting places with very little oversight, so employees must be able to self-manage. If you are self-medicating, don’t bother applying, you are not resilient.

We demand excellence.  Excellence should be oozing from your pores. The stink of excellence should overpower the scent of patchouli on a dirty hippy.

You must also have extreme attention to detail.  You should basically have OCD.  But not the kind where you perform weird hand-washing rituals.  Just the kind where your paperwork and documentation approach the detail in Game of Thrones.  Though, unlike GoT, your documentation needs to be complete.  

You must be flexible.  Mentally and schedule-wise.  We don’t care if you used to work for Cirque du Soleil.  Some of our jobs are extremely short notice.  Like, “Hey Bob, can you be at the airport in two hours?  Pack for warm weather and lots of bugs.”  If you want a normal schedule, go somewhere else.

We pay well.  Some of the jobs pay better than contracting during the peak of OIF/OEF, and with better chow.  But you’ll have to prove you are worth it.

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