Child with bike helmet looking at bandaid on arm.


Trust the MPA medics for exceptional First Aid solutions built for Home, Car and Survival.


Show off your Brand with a Mini First Aid Kit for your next Corporate Event, Grand Opening or Trade Show.

Brad with first aid kit on tailgate


Be prepared for Outdoor injuries & medical emergencies with a kit designed for Wilderness Trauma.

MPA DARK is home of the First Aid Gear used by OUR Medics

When fixing disgusting, bloody, gaping wounds on screaming people, the medics aren’t concerned with warm fuzzy or delicate language. It’s all about get in, get out, go home (or to the bar).   It’s a dirty, gross job but we’re glad to do it!

If you can relate…this is the place for you.


When your best isn’t good enough, and your Boy Scout neckerchief improvised tourniquet failed, or that budget bungie cord you picked up off Amazon isn’t cutting it. Use what the pros use–a CoTCCC recommended hemorrhage control device, just like all the cool kids in Iraq and AFG used.

We include a couple of bricks of compressed gauze because if you are using a tampon, you are an idiot.

Also included are bandaids and antiseptic wipes. Since you are much more likely to use those…

Don’t compromise with inferior gear.


Because your pappy’s IFAK is a bit outdated, we’ve created the Aye-Aye FAK. Same basic idea, except cooler, since is named after a ragged looking primate (which describes most of our staff).

It’s basically like our Blowout Kit, but in a more compact package. With less stuff. And it costs more. Because it is in a cool MOLLE compatible pouch and looks all tactical.

**Kit does not come with grubs; you will need to supply your own

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MPA hits the road with Trail Recon!

MPA Medics Tom & Scott give tips and techniques to treat snakebites and other outdoor injuries while overlanding with Brad from Trail Recon. No, Tom does not really get hurt that often. And Scott is much less attractive in person.