Meds Refill Kit

MSRP: $7.99

Keep you First Aid Kit stocked up with a Refill Kit from MPA! Medications are often used up quickly or if not used, will expire. Replenish them today.

The Medication (Meds) Refill Kit contains a variety of the most used components.


(2) Antacid (Compare to TUMS)
(2) Antacid/Diarrhea Relief (Compare to Pepto Bismol)
(2) Diarrhea Relief (Compare to Imodium)
(2) Sinus Decongestant
(2) Aspirin
(2) Ibuprofen
(2) Non Aspirin (Compare to Tylenol)
(2) Oral Pain Relief Gel
(2) Antihistamine (Compare to Benadryl)