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Wound Management Kit


(1) 600 cc Irrigation Syringe with tip (1) 5.5″ Kelly Forceps (1) Tweezers (5) Butterfly Bandages, small (5) Butterfly Bandages, large (3) PVP Prep Pads (3) Antibiotic Ointment (3) Alcohol Prep Pads (3) First Aid Burn Cream (3) Hydrocortisone Cream (3) Antiseptic Wipes

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UPC: 850054682116

The Medical Points Abroad Wound Management Kit comes with everything you need to clean and secure wounds.  The 60 cc Irrigation Syringe has plenty of volume and the included tip provides the correct amount of high pressure to effectively clean a wound. The forceps are great for helping to open up deeper wounds for exploration and the tweezers will help you pluck out debris.  Once you are done cleaning, use the included butterfly bandages to secure the wound.

The included antiseptic components can help with cleaning and aftercare.  Use the PVP prep pads to clean around the outside (or make a weak iodine irrigation solution).  The burn cream works great for small uncomplicated burns.  The hydrocortisone can help with itching from bug bites and toxic plants.