What makes MPA First Aid Kits Better?

Not just bandages in MPA kits.
Vehicle Trauma First Aid Kit in black, open.

MPA First Aid Supplies are hand assembled and packaged based on our experience as medical professionals. 

Each kit is thoughtfully designed to include only the stuff you need and in amounts that make sense.  We don’t overstuff our kits with extra Band-Aids to make them seem more complete. 

Each of our kits is also designed with a specific purpose in mind.  E.g., our Wilderness Health, Aid, and Comfort Kit (WHACK in the Box), pictured in Orange, is created at the Wilderness First Responder Level.  It includes supplies for splinting and wound cleaning, alongside blowout gear and Band-Aids.

Our Vehicle Trauma Kit (pictured bottom, left) is built more for people who spend a lot of time driving and can potentially be the first on-scene for a vehicle accident.  It doubles down on blowout components and doesn’t focus on ongoing care like the WHACK.

We also have a line of component kits in mylar, resealable bags that can be used standalone or as a restock for more extensive kits.


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