MPA Emergency Medics providing First Aid

History of MPA

Medical Points Abroad is an elite team of frontline emergency medics providing medical services and personnel on-site during global conflicts and disasters.

We spun off a new company in the beginning of 2024 to focus on delivering the highest quality first aid kits on the market; and that is the site you are currently on. 

Along with developing unsurpassed First Aid Kits, MPA’s sibling company continues to provide trauma relief and emergency personnel placement.  You can book services directly at


Born amidst a high-stakes crisis, Medical Points Abroad (MPA) traces its foundation to a $900M mission on the brink of cancellation. Our founders, then austere medicine instructors, medics, and emergency physicians with deep expertise in urban, backcountry, and combat medicine, stepped in to save the day. This pivotal moment didn’t just rescue a mission; it sparked the birth of a company dedicated to excellence, innovation, and care – MPA.

Over the years, we’ve harnessed our unique experiences and unparalleled expertise to grow into a leading supplier of first aid kits for field-going units in the Departments of Interior and Agriculture. From supporting medical missions for the Department of Defense in the most challenging of remote environments to serving individual consumers, our focus on quality and innovation has allowed us to meet diverse needs with reliable, advanced solutions.

However, MPA is more than just a company. We’re a symbol of dedication, care, and excellence. When you choose MPA, you’re not just buying a first aid kit but investing in peace of mind, safety, and a partner you can trust. We remain committed to your well-being as we continue to evolve and innovate.