WHACK NextGen Advanced First Aid Kit

MSRP: $310.00$521.99

Take charge of medical emergencies and critical injuries when access to a hospital is delayed! The perfect First Aid Kit for Home, Office, Vehicle, Outdoors and Survival. The new WHACK (Wilderness Health and Care Kit) NextGen in our MOLLE-Capable Pouch available in Black or Coyote.  Includes Field Guide of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine!

Take it everywhere!  Packaged in a MOLLE-Capable pouch, the WHACK goes where you go! Hiking, Camping, Overlanding, Vacationing, Autos, Long-haul Trucking, Job Sites, Go-Bags and Home Disaster Preparedness.

The WHACK NextGen (previously known as our “Enhanced First Aid Kit”) was developed by medical professionals including ER Physicians, Paramedics, Critical Care Flight Nurses and Combat Medics.  Designed for Wilderness First Responders, the WHACK is now offered to everyone that values safety and preparedness.

The educational Field Guide of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine provides the knowledge while the reliable equipment and supplies give you the tools necessary to help you treat both minor and major medical emergencies.

From cuts and bruises to blood loss and broken bones you will be ready to give medical care if and when the need arises.  Whether you are a Soccer Mom traveling with kids, an Outdoor Enthusiast navigating trails or a Survivalist planning for disaster preparedness, you need the WHACK.

MPA’s most popular product is your go-to, must-have kit for stabilizing a patient without hospital access.  The WHACK helps SAVE LIVES!

With 99 premium healthcare components, you’ll be ready for anything.  Adhesive Bandages (to keep wounds sealed), Aluminum Splints (for broken bones), Wound Cleaning tools (to discourage infections), Antiseptic Wipes (for cleanup) and so much more is included.

The WHACK NextGen is also available in a dust-proof, water-proof, hard case for maximum longevity.

(1) Tourniquet (CoTCCC Approved)
(2) Compressed Gauze (wound packing)
(2) Chest Seals
(1) Trauma Shears
(2) Emergency Blanket

[/tab] (1) Foldable Utility Quad Bag
(1) Field Guide
(1) Duct Tape Roll
(1) Permanent Marker
(1) CPR Face Shield
(2) Non-aspirin packets
(2) Ibuprofen packets
(2) Antacid packets
(2) Pain relief packets
(2) Antihistamine packets
(2) Sinus Med packets

We reserve the right to substitute individual components of like quality due to supply availability.

**NOTE: We have stopped including a pressure bandage in the WHACK.  Instead, we are now including an additional compressed gauze and elastic bandage.  This comes from feedback from you, our customers, and our training staff.  Realistically you are more likely to need another elastic bandage and more gauze than a single-purposed, dedicated pressure bandage (which you can manufacture from the additional gauze and elastic bandage anyway).  We will still stock the OLAES, and you can certainly order them.