Water Proof
When sealed, kit is impervious to most wet things

Dust Proof
When sealed, not even a haboob will introduce dust

Hard/Rigid Case
Case is made of hard plastic to protect the soft gauze inside

Don’t like the way we packed it? You do you…

Real Tourniquet
Tourniquet is CoTCCC Approved

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Family First Aid Kit

MSRP: $647.99

The biggest First Aid Kit we make is perfect for families and groups. Over 230 premium items along with the educational Field Guide makes this a great choice for anyone.

Assembled in the USA | Limited Warranty

Our Biggest kit available is perfect for parents, sports teams, family road trips, youth and church groups!

The Family First Aid Kit is built for the needs of 6-8 people with normal injury cadence.  It’s the perfect solution for preppers gearing up for survival.

Along with a vast supply of medications, this kit contains everything you need including specialty items like:

  • Splints to stabilize sprains and fractures
  • CoTCCC Approved Tourniquets to help stop bleeding
  • Wound cleaning tools to prevent infection
  • A headlamp for hand-free visibility when providing medical aid in low light
  • Blizzard hypothermia blanket to keep the patient temperature from dropping
  • Glow sticks to light the way for emergency personnel to find your location
  • Field Guide of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine with valuable How-To-Use info for administering first aid the right way!
Designed by Medics for your wellbeing 

This kit was developed through the efforts of a number of ER Physicians, Paramedics, Critical Care Flight Nurses, and Combat Medics.  It will provide equipment and supplies necessary to support someone with beginner skills all the way up to Wilderness First Responders.

This comprehensive Family First Aid Kit  was built to help anyone care for others if they are in an emergency situation, from minor injuries like cuts and bruises to critical traumas.

Includes over 230 high-quality components smartly organized
  • Intuitive:  Sorted by use and packed into individual modules for quick access
  • Protected: Shipped in plastic bins with latching lids keep items clean and dry in any weather
  • Rugged Durability: Contained in water proof, lockable hard case for maximum protection.
  • Portable: Large folded handle makes it easy bring your supplies to emergency situation

UPC: 850054682239

Item Length (in): 14.9
Item Width (in): 12.1
Item Height (in): 6.9
Item Weight (lbs): 8