MPA’s Precision Outdoor First Aid Kits allow you to treat critical and minor injuries while Hiking, Camping, Overlanding, at the Range and in Disasters. Choose a durable Hard Case, portable MOLLE Case or convenient Mylar Pouch filled with emergency, life saving supplies.

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  • CANKL, Loaded (Ankle Trauma Kit)

    The Ankle Trauma First Aid Kit is perfect for hikers, bikers, skiers, life-savers or anyone who wants to carry their First Aid Kit on their Ankle or anywhere on their person. The kit can be attached to bags, backpacks, equipment, car seats and serves the medical care needs of virtually anyone at any location that […]

    MSRP: $211.99
  • IFAK | Individual First Aid Kit

    The IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), designed by MPA frontline Medics, provides life-saving medical supplies to treat critical wounds wherever they happen.  In compact Molle Capable Tactical Bag.

    MSRP: $176.99
  • WHACK Pro First Aid Kit

    Medics choice!  Loaded with premium supplies and packed inside a versatile Molle quad-fold utility bag your supplies are highly visible and easy to access when seconds count.

    MSRP: $521.16
  • Vehicle Trauma Kit

    Contains: (2) Tourniquet (CoTCCC Approved) (4) Compressed Gauze (wound packing) (2) Elastic Bandages (2) Chest Seals (1) Trauma Shears (2) Emergency Blankets (1) Permanent Marker (1) Cravat (1) Bandage Kit (1) Gauze Kit (1) Antiseptic Kit (1) Medication Kit

    MSRP: $323.99
  • Family First Aid Kit

    The biggest First Aid Kit we make is perfect for families and groups. Over 230 premium items along with the educational Field Guide makes this a great choice for anyone.

    MSRP: $647.99
  • WHACK in the Box | Advanced First Aid Kit

    Wilderness First Responder level kit appropriate for anyone that wants a complete kit for stabilizing a patient when access to a hospital is delayed.

    MSRP: $376.46
  • Wilderness Health, Aid and Comfort Kit (WHACK)

    If you can only have one first aid kit, this is it!  Portable, practical and packed with high-end emergency medical tools and supplies to treat everything from hangnails to chest wounds.

    MSRP: $376.46
  • Bad Day (Blowout) Kit

    Prepare for the unexpected with our Bad Day Blowout Kit. Compact and equipped with essential trauma equipment, it’s your first line of defense in emergencies.

    MSRP: $164.99