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Despite all of the cool and shiny first aid kits we sell, our primary business is providing on demand medical staffing.  In fact we have the capabilities for placing a medic, with a “mini ER”, pretty much anywhere on the planet in 24 hours.  

A motto imparted to us by a wise SARC we once knew: “The difficult immediately; the impossible by appointment only…”. We strive to live up to that standard, and we have rescued several large cost exercises that were on the verge of shut down without a medic on site.

Our staff is ready to move pieces around the board at a moment’s notice, though we may want to see your American Express Black Card for some staffing needs. 

We can deploy everything from wilderness first aid monkeys to “former people that did things and can still do things”.  We have capabilities that include Damage Control Surgery/Resuscitation (DCS/DCR), medical repatriation, and simple liaison with local EMS.  We have telemetry devices that our medical control can direct interact with via SATCOMS. 

Our protocols are state of the art and based on current accepted best practices of medical care.

Our staff can deploy as medical rovers (on foot, bike, UTV), establish a first aid collection point (either BaseX tent or RV), or embed with your assets as a team member.

We can staff events for a few hours, or a few months.  You just let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

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