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Team Trauma Bag


(1) First In Bag (2) Blowout Kits (2) Splint Kits (1) Wound Cleaning Kit (2) White Fluffy Stuff (Gauze) Kits (2) Adhesive Bandage Kits (2) Antiseptic Kits (2) Medication Kits (1) Remote Ventilation Kit (1) Hypothermia Kit (1) NAR Rescue Sleeve (5) Gloves, pair (lg) (5) Gloves, pair (md) (5) Gloves, pair (sm) (5) Gloves,…

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The NAR Rescue Sleeve II™ is the industry’s ultimate immobilization system supporting both vertical and horizontal hoisting. Simple and secure, the Rescue Sleeve II™ gives confidence to operators and comfort to patients. Used extensively in the field and refined for enhanced stability and overall functionality, it is standard issue to all U.S. Navy ships.

Head Block, Chin and Head Straps and Carry Case are included.


This is a kit requested by Wildland fire assets within the Department of Interior and is built to their specifications.