Outdoor Adventure X Vendor Promo Utah 2023 FINAL

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Vendors only!

 Extra 10% OFF 

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Event Prices

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Our Best Seller

Compact and Complete

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Wilderness Health Aid and Comfort Kit

What’s in it:

  • Blowout Kit

  • Wound Management Kit

  • Splinter Kit

  • Boo-Boos Kit

  • Miscellaneous: (1) First Responder Bag, (1) Field Guide, (1) Duct Tape Roll, (1) Permanent Marker, (1) CPR Mask, (2) Non-aspirin packets, (2) Ibuprofen packets, (2) Antacid packets, (2) Pain relief packets, (2) Antihistamine packets, (2) Sinus Med packets



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Headrest Kit

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Designed for easy access in your vehicle

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Trusted By Vets

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When only the best is good enough

Quality and value rolled into one for the furry family members

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Follow us

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Become a Dealer

For more information you can send us an email at medicalpointsabroad@gmail.com or call us at 866-WILD-DOC (select the option for “Sales”).

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